Urgent Jobs in TecH & ARTS;

Since the invasion of Russian Federation in Ukraine, more than two million Ukrainians have fled to other countries. Russian and Belarusian citizens that strongly oppose this invasion had to flee as well to avoid government repressions. Many of them are young professionals that are forcefully unemployed and want to get a job as fast as possible to be able to support themselves without having to rely on any social aid or donations.

Luckily, many companies right now are opening new job positions to help all these people! The problem is currently that there is no centralized place to look for it - we will update with known resources with job postings

If you were affected by the war and urgently looking for a job, please, fill out the form below. We will help you to find mentors and provide useful resources for the job search:

Our applicants need help with reviewing their CVs (Eastern Europeans tend to be very modest about their achievements), a good advice on how to prepare for a job interview is also very helpful.

If you want to share a job opening with this target group, please, submit them here: